Client Testimonials

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He’s a great lawyer

“He did a wonderful job. He’s a great lawyer. He came in and defended me and my case was thrown out. That’s all I have to say!”

“He’s a good dude. He’s on top of his business. He knows what he’s doing. I would give him five stars. I would definitely  recommend him to friends and family. He’s always on time. He’s the best attorney I have ever worked with.”

“I knew Brandon as a former high school alum. I was initially signed up with another attorney and was not satisfied. As soon as  Brandon took over the case, we started to make progress. Every court date he was prepared. Even when he was not in the office,  he answered the phone. As a person who never got a DUI I had a million questions and Brandon answered them all. He was able  to catch the police in a lie. I have already referred three or four friends and associate his way.”

“Brandon kept me from going to jail. The judge gave me a $50,000 bond but I met Brandon right on time, and he was able to get    my bond reduced to $5,000 so that I only had to pay $500 and was able to walk. He came right in the nick of time. They were    going to put me on the bus and send me to the county.” This case resulted in a finding of not guilty.

“He’s a good lawyer. He’s a good human being. He helped me out in a lot of ways. He helped me in a lot of ways that other lawyers   have not. He has a good heart. He’s a great lawyer.”