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Felony vs. Misdemeanors in Illinois

Generally, a conviction on a felony charge carries a jail sentence of more than 1 year. For the most serious violent felonies, the sentences are significantly more, and many offenses have mandatory minimum jail sentences.

Misdemeanor criminal charges are those that have a maximum sentence of 1 year in jail or less, usually with no mandatory minimum jail time for most charges. But you are still at significant risk for a jail sentence for many misdemeanor offenses in Illinois, particularly on a second or greater offense. Felony crimes fall into 5 categories while misdemeanors are broken into 3 classes.

The 5 classes of Illinois felonies are as follows:

Class X Felony

Class 1 Felony

Class 2 Felony

  • Between 3 and 7 years in State Penitentiary; and/or
  • Fine of up to $25,000
  • Examples: Arson 

Class 3 Felony

  • Between 2 and 5 years in State Penitentiary; and/or
  • Fine of up to $25,000
  • Examples: Aggravated Battery 

Class 4 Felony

  • Between 1 and 3 years in State Penitentiary; and/or
  • Fine of up to $25,000

Examples: Aggravated Assault

**Murder convictions differ from other felony class sentences.

There are 3 classes of Misdemeanor charges and penalties in Illinois:

Class A Misdemeanor

Class B Misdemeanor

Class C Misdemeanor

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