Chicago Drug Crimes Lawyer

Chicago Drug Crimes Lawyer

An Expert at Creating Reasonable Doubt

Attorney Brown has successfully defended hundreds of drug cases that have resulted in favorable outcomes for his clients. You too can rely on Brandon Brown Attorney at Law to provide aggressive litigation in defense. From contesting the initial stop and search to contesting the validity of your arrest, interview and interrogation, by utilizing a motion to suppress and other proven strategies, Brandon Brown Attorney at Law can cast reasonable doubt toward each questionable issue in the prosecution’s case. Call Chicago Drug Lawyer Brandon Brown Attorney at Law at 773-624-8366 now to begin the defense in your case. The consultation is free and the attorney is available 24/7.

As a Chicago drug lawyer, the types of cases Brandon Brown Attorney at Law handles include:

Drugs Crimes

Drug crimes pertain to possession, use, distribution or manufacturing of any illegal substance including marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, prescription drugs and many other drugs.

Drug conspiracy

Under Illinois law, 720 ILCS 570/405, a person is guilty of drug conspiracy if he or she (1) is in possession of a controlled substance prohibited by law, manufactures, distributes or delivers a controlled substance, or possesses a controlled substance with intent to manufacture, distribute or deliver, (2) the illegal act is part of a conspiracy undertaken or carried on with two or more persons, and (3) the individual obtains anything of value greater than $500, or the individual organizes, directs, or finances the conduct giving rise to the conspiracy.